Time has shaped it

to perfection

"There's true fantasy in tradition when it is modern and alive."

Archbishop T. Cirill of Pannonhalma
(Archabbey of Pannonhalma)

Past and present,


Vis Vitalis natural mineral water belongs to the Archabbey of Pannonhalma, which was founded in 996. The monastery of the Order of St. Benedict, which has been operating ever since, is one of the outstanding historical monuments, ecclesiastical and art historical centres of Hungary. Today, there is still an active community comprised of about thirty monks who receive spiritual practitioners, operate a boarding grammar school, perform cultural work, as well as other activities that support the abbey financially. These include a winery, a brewery, a mineral water plant, a herb garden and tourism programs.

The name of the Archabbey of Pannonhalma is now associated with the concepts of tradition, the transmission of knowledge, the idea of constant renewal, the creation and maintainance of community values and quality, all of which are lovingly combined into Vis Vitalis products.

Vis Vitalis,

the legendary mineral water from 1238

Meaning: Vitality

Vis Vitalis originates from the natural spring near St. Martin's Hill in Pannonhalma. It is also referred to as a legendary source, as according to tradition, King Bela IV stopped here to rest and then drank the water from the well. Since the late 1700s, pilgrims have regularly visited the spring. The water is said to have a healing effect, according to many records, and several of these have also mentioned it as a place of miracles.

Vis Vitalis natural mineral water is extracted and bottled from a ca.17,500-year-old protected groundwater aquifier at a depth of 106 meters. The water is naturally crystal clear due to its age and the closed aquifier.

Its taste is refreshingly soft and fresh and it is an excellent accompaniment to any food and drink.

King Bela IV,

the second founder of homeland (1206-1270)

  • • one of the greatest Hungarian rulers
  • • the rebuilder of the country after the Tartar invasion
  • • Founder of Buda Castle


renewal and quality

The Vis Vitalis also tells the story of its consumer: it radiates sophistication, elegance and purity. Its unique bottle, which also serves as a trademark, should not be confused with that of any other mineral water. The exterior, of which the cap is an integral part, combines the shape of water jugs and early soda water bottles. The creation of soda water is associated with the name of the scientist, inventor and Benedictine monk, Ányos Jedlik. The Archabbey of Pannonhalma is proud that, based on the plans of this great Benedictine scientist, they were able to revive and modernize the original soda water production for the 21st century.

Vis Vitalis mineral water has been shaped to perfection by time. It is the source of vitality, the decoration of the table, and a worthy accompaniment to meals. History, divinity and tradition unite in a sip of Vis Vitalis mineral water.

Ányos Jedlik,
Knight of the Iron Crown Order (1800-1895)

physicist, engineer, inventor, Benedictine monk, university lecturer

His name is linked to the following:

  • the creation of the first electric motor
  • the first description of the dynamo principle
  • the domestic production of soda water
  • the recognition of voltage multiplication


value creation

The Archabbey preserves the values created and represented by its predecessors, and it supports activities that help the development of talent. In this spirit, Vis Vitalis brand has been a supporter of the Virtuosos4 + classical talent program since 2021.

The Virtuosos format focuses on discovering unique young classical musicians, and then provides these discovered talents with the development and step-up opportunities that only a few receive without this program.

The brand aligns itself with the other goal of the show as well: the development of the population, by bringing classical music closer to a wider audience. The brand proudly supports important value-creating movements in Hungary such as Virtuosos4.



The Archabbey of Pannonhalma believes that all must act locally for our home, the Earth. One of the archabbey’s important objectives is the implementation of the “green Pannonhalma” plan. To this end, the commitment of the Vis Vitalis brand to reducing its ecological footprint is paramount. It is constantly striving for environmentally conscious developments of its production technology. Products of 0.6L and 1.2L are made by recycling PET bottles.

Vis Vitalis products

Still mineral waters can be given to babies without the need for boiling

0.4 l


0.6 l


0.8 l


1.2 l


0.4 l


0.6 l


0.8 l


1.2 l


Mineral content

Total dissolved mineral content:

658 mg/l


475 mg/l


62.2 mg/l


60.4 mg/l


40 mg/l


20 mg/l

In carbonated Vis Vitalis mineral water

Carbon dioxide:

min. 3.5 mg/l



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